Andrew Luck Poised for Superstardom

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck

The media is flocking to Redskins Park to watch Robert Griffin III and his flashy speed. Meanwhile, back in Indiana, Andrew Luck is quietly going about his business, and it might just be me when I say this, but the coverage of the No. 1 pick seems to be less of a priority this year.

Regardless, that doesn’t take away from Luck’s progression. More than one report has acknowledged that he has control over everything, just like Peyton Manning did.

His command of the huddle and pre-snap reads have to be the most impressive, considering we are only two weeks deep in training camp. Members of the Colts coaching staff noted that his knowledge of the game and preparation makes life a whole lot easier for everyone.

Head coach Chuck Pagano doesn’t see him as a rookie. In a recent interview with’s Albert Breer, he said:

It’s because he’s right—he’s making the right decisions, he’s making the right checks, he’s making the right calls. The guys know. This guy knows his stuff[…] From my vantage point, it’s like you’re watching a guy that’s a three- or four-year veteran.

Cornerback Justin King, who has now played with both Sam Bradford and Luck, offered up a pretty interesting comment when it came to comparing both players.

“QB Andrew Luck doesn’t repeat mistakes. From St. Louis days, QB Sam Bradford had misreads that Luck doesn’t,” King said (h/t Phillip Wilson, The Indianapolis Star).

Even though the Colts lost a Hall of Fame quarterback in Manning, they seem to be in good hands going forward with their newest rising star at the helm.


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