Andrew Luck Looks Forward To Seeing How He Measures Up At the Start of the Preseason

Andrew Luck feels like he’s making good progress as the Indianapolis Coltstraining camp and preseason progresses. The No. 1 overall draft pick says he feels like he hasn’t had many mental dips and is building rapport with his teammates and coaches.

We’ll get our first chance to see him in action on Sunday when the Colts take on the Rams in a preseason game. Luck, who joins the Colts after a standout career at Stanford, calls what will be his first real action against an opposing NFL team “a nice measuring stick.”

Andrew Luck joined 1070 ESPN in Indianapolis to discuss the acclimation process, how he feels he’s playing so far, the best advice he’s received, how much freedom he expects in the offense, finding a go-to receiver and dealing with the media as a rookie quarterback.

Is the acclimation process in full swing?:

“Absolutely. It’d be a lot tougher if it was an individual sport, but when you’re on a team sport, you’ve got veterans to help you out and rookies going through the same thing, so it’s not that bad. … I think we only have seven guys over the age of 30. … All of those guys are obviously learning new offenses and defenses, but they’ve also gone out of their way to help the rookies out, help the new guys.”

How would you assess your play thus far, going up against your own team?:

“It’s been alright, getting better. I measure getting better by not making the same mistakes in subsequent practices. And I’ve tried to avoid that decently. But it’ll be a nice measuring stick the first preseason game. … I try not to be too over-critical or too easy on myself and view tape as more of a learning experience than a beat-yourself-up experience.”

What’s the best advice you’ve received?:

“There’s too much to think about right now. I think the way [quarterbacks coach] Clyde [Christensen] approaches drills before practices really starts, just individual drills and making them game-like is good to be around. He really puts a lot of pressure on us to do the correct thing when we’re just dropping back and throwing to an equipment manager and how that translates into a real practice.”

How much freedom do you expect to have as a rookie?:

“I’ve got a lot more of the playbook to learn before I start lobbying. I think I’m a fair bit through. I feel like every day I’ve been learning more and more. I’m going on a good, positive slope. I don’t think I’ve dipped mentally too much. But I know B.A., [offensive coordinator] Bruce Arians, knows a lot more about football than I do, so I trust him completely.”

Is anybody standing out as a go-to receiver?:

“I think you never want to predetermine decisions, really, but Reggie [Wayne] seems to show up in the big situations. I think I’ve developed a good rapport with all the guys, from the rookie tight ends to Reggie to [Austin] Collie, to the vets. But obviously Reggie’s been around, understands football really well. … He just seems to get open when you really need someone to get open.”

How do you like dealing with the media so far?:

“I have no feelings toward the subject. I understand it’s part of the gig and take it in stride.”

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